My leg was cut off… but now it’s growing back

A woman who had one of her five stone legs amputated was horrified when it began to grow back at great speed. Mandy Sellars, of Accrington, Lancashire, UK, suffers from a rare condition in which she has gigantic feet and legs but a slim, size 12 body. The 36-year-old was told by doctors that her … [Read the full story]

Hair dye turns girl into “Elephant Man”

An aspiring model was left looking ‘like the Elephant Man’ following an allergic reaction to hair dye. Chloe Robins, 14, was rushed to hospital after her mother Joanna used a home dying kit to colour her hair. The teenager from Hampshire, UK started getting an itchy scalp after using the semi-permanent black dye, which contains … [Read the full story]

Ricky Nixon loves a bit of action

Disgraced player agent Ricky Nixon is believed to have fled Australia. Collingwood president and Triple M breakfast presenter Eddie McGuire tweeted early on Tuesday morning about Ricky Nixon, who is at the centre of a scandal involving the St Kilda schoolgirl, flying the coop on Monday night. McGuire tweeted that he had received a text … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – I’m too ugly to have a girlfriend

Dear Woosy, I really want to feel good about myself and to have a girlfriend but I’m too ugly and too boring. I’m 34 and have never had a partner. I look at my mates and they are definitely more attractive and more confident. I don’t go out much but when I do I tend … [Read the full story]