Davo’s quote of the day

“Where ever you may be, let your wind feel free…..although I don’t think it would be such a wise thing to do if you’re just about to get into bed with Elle Macpherson for the first time” Oh okay, okay…here’s a snap of the lovely Elle. As if any of us could even get to first … [Read the full story]

More Aussie women are hoarding their bras

Our secret is finally out. We women are a nation of hoarders. No, I’m not referring to money stashed under the bed for a rainy day, or cracked vases we think might one day be worth something…I’m talking about bras. Aussie women own an average of nine bras each and stash half of them…a staggering 39 million…in … [Read the full story]

Elle Macpherson is hot as hot can be…

Elle Macpherson is renowned for her supermodel good looks but the make-up free star was the spitting image of her eight-year-old son while out in Sydney today. The mother-of-two took her youngest son Cy to the Sydney Wildlife Park before heading to the Sydney Aquarium during an action packed day. And the mother-son duo seemed … [Read the full story]

One Elle of a photo

Exceptional Elle Macpherson, who poses for this arty nude Playboy shoot in 1994, have been auctioned. The collection fetched around $4 dollars. The leggy model shows just why she was called The Body. She looks absolutely fantastic in these black and white photos. The snaps of Elle, now 47, was auctioned in the first week … [Read the full story]