Why the carbon tax?

In years long ago kings, emperors and rulers raised taxes mainly to fight and finance wars. In today’s modern societies, taxes are a fiscal way of adding extra money to the government purse. Many ways are explored to deliberately raise extra money. In the past we had windows tax and brick tax, corn tax even … [Read the full story]

Elephant dung powers lights at a zoo

At the Munich Zoo you can watch the courtship rituals of the banded mongoose, hear the morning song of the scarlet ibis or visit the Indian elephants, who help help keep the lights on with electricity generated from their dung. They can do this because Munich Zoo has harnessed “poo power,” energy stored in animal … [Read the full story]

Where will our carbon tax money go?

How wonderful to see the pollies have decided a special  department should look into alternative types of energy and fuels…AND IT WILL ONLY COST…3 BILLION DOLLARS !  I wondered where the carbon tax money was going. Another reason to vote Green and keep our popular government in power. With enough sun to power solar energy … [Read the full story]