Legless Frenchman swims Channel…he’s also armless

A FRENCH father-of-two who swam across the Channel 16 years after losing all his limbs in an electrical accident said Sunday that he was “the happiest man alive.” Philippe Croizon, a 42-year-old former metalworker, said he had performed his feat to inspire all those “who think life is nothing but suffering.” He set off from … [Read the full story]

Huge Croc took a wrong turn

ENGLISH Channel beaches were shut today after a “huge crocodile” was spotted in the sea. The Poms are going crazy over this, honestly they are. There is no danger what-so-ever. Well, if you’re daft enough to go swimming with all the turds and waste that goes in that “oh, so wonderfull” English Channel, then you … [Read the full story]

Perth oldie swims English Channel

Sue Oldham, 64, from Carine in Perth’s north, who had first claimed the record in 2006 in a swim of 16 hours and three minutes, completed the swim the English Channel, from Dover to France on August 9. I mean, how fantastic is that! She would put most of us to shame. “When you start … [Read the full story]