Oscars…the end?

Years ago, after a barbie, we would sit around with a drink or two and discuss what film we would chose as the best film we had ever seen. There were tremendous films with wonderful stars the choices were endless. I recently watched the SAG awards. What a let down the films selected would not … [Read the full story]

The final Harry Potter – film review

You must go and see the latest Harry Potter film. I thought the first in the series was the best, in terms of imagination and great visual effects. Talking pictures and the quidditch game, the wonderful platform scenes and express train and owls and living under the stairs. But the final film, Harry Potter and … [Read the full story]

Year of the sequels

It’s that time again when the block busters are on our screens once more. Undoubtably the biggest money earner will be the last in the series of Harry Potter. The Deathly Hallows part one made over a billion dollars at the box office. Part two is expected to surpass that amount.  There is a lack … [Read the full story]

Now for the Oscars

by Helena Bryanlith our Ozzie News film critic I hope you enjoyed my informed hints as to who would be the winners of the Oscars this year in my previous outing as the Ozzie News film critic of 2011. I stand by my original thesis that this years films are possibly less dynamic than say … [Read the full story]

Teenager stabbed and dies in Sydney

A teenager dies after being stabbed during an armed fight in Sydney. Emergency services were called to Stranraer Drive, St Andrews, in the early hours of Saturday morning after reports that a 17 year old had been injured. Paramedics found him lying stabbed in the street and took him to Liverpool hospital where he died … [Read the full story]