The anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I can say without a shadow of doubt or a moments hesitation, the gas company to which I pay my bill…you are a steaming edifice of excrement worthy only of utter and complete annihilation, your customer “services” make a Post Office queue on pension day seem dazzlingly fast in comparison. Yes the lady and then … [Read the full story]

World’s most expensive tea made out of panda poo

Not to be outdone by yesterdays snake snorting Chinaman, another Chinese man is trying to break the record for the world’s most expensive tea – by making it out of panda poo. College lecture An Yanshi has collected five tons of panda excrement to create a new type of tea. He believes the rich fertiliser … [Read the full story]

The new Nokia Lumia means ‘Prostitute’ in Spanish

 In the history of mobile phone names, some have been good, some have been bad and some have been downright ugly. But now Nokia has managed to top them all…by inadvertently calling one of its mobile ranges ‘the prostitute’. The new Nokia Lumia translates from Spanish as ‘hooker’ or ‘call girl’, prompting derision and mockery … [Read the full story]