Eyeball licking fetish could be dangerous

Health experts have been warning against a dangerous new fetish sweeping Japan – eyeball licking. Also called oculolinctus, it has been described as in intimate act between partners but could lead to eye infections such as conjunctivitis and even blindness. While the craze has been around for years, health experts in Japan are worried after … [Read the full story]

Man with tattooed eyeball arrested and charged

A man with a tattooed eyeball, face and skull has appeared in an American court charged with shooting at police, stealing cars and robbing homes to fund his drug habit. The 37-year-old man was arrested on attempted murder and assault charges after authorities say he exchanged gunfire with police at an Anchorage hotel. Anchorage Police … [Read the full story]

Matador gored through the jaw and eye

A Spanish bullfighter is recovering from surgery after he was gored through the jaw and eye in front of horrified spectators. Television images showed the moment when the bull’s left horn ripped into Juan Jose Padilla’s lower jaw to emerge beside his protruding eyeball. Padilla was pinned to the ground by the 508kg animal and … [Read the full story]

Worm removed from eyeball

A MAN from the USA state of Iowa lived with a worm behind his eyeball for nine months. John Matthews from Bellevue, discovered his uninvited guest after becoming concerned when he noticed two spots obscuring vision in his left eye. After tests at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, doctors discovered the invasive creature … [Read the full story]