Superglue poured into man’s eyes and ear

A man has had his eyes superglued shut during an attack in the central Victorian city of Ballarat. Police say glue was also poured into the man’s ear during the attack on Sunday. Senior Sergeant Paul Kinna says the man, who is in his 60s, had been arguing with a woman at a house in … [Read the full story]

She’s hot – Miranda Kerr

Well, we’ve got a named beauty for you to feast your eyes on today. You will of course, need no introduction, as I am sure you would have seen Miranda Kerr many times before. She looks even better with no clothes on. I know it’s early on in the year, but Miranda will definitely be … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Oh my God ! You…the wonderful readers of Ozzienews……I just don’t know what to say… Where are you finding these gorgeous beauties? It really does bring a tear to my eyes. As always, we don’t know who sent this in, and we don’t know who this beauty is. If anyone out there knows who she … [Read the full story]

Susan Floyd meets with body language expert

Meeting someone new is always nerve-racking, but meeting Elizabeth Kuhnke is particularly so.  As an ‘executive presence coach’ and expert in body language analysis, she has years of experience in reading the unspoken messages we send out. So I’m not just worried about what I’m going to say to her — I’m also worrying about my … [Read the full story]

Physical attraction is an instinct we can’t ignore

Being physically attracted to someone is a common human emotion for all those who have gone through puberty. It is an urge that cannot be helped as the very nature of our bodies is to find an exceptional mate and create prosperous children. This desire is inherent in all sexually reproductive creatures. Since the ability … [Read the full story]