Dear Woosy – Allergic to my boyfriends nuts

Dear Woosy, I have a regular root named Matt who likes to get a hotel room on the weekends so he can bang my brains out. He doesn’t even take me out for a meal first, the stingy bastard, but his cock stays so hard for so long I can’t really complain too much. Anyway last Saturday he ate a whole bag of pistachio … [Read the full story]

Adele will spit in her dad’s face if she sees him

Adele has vowed to spit in her dad’s face if she ever sees him again. The ’21’ singer, who has just moved into a $11 million mansion, has said that she was no longer interested in having a relationship with her father Mark Evans, who sold a story on her to The Sun last year discussing his … [Read the full story]

Physical attraction is an instinct we can’t ignore

Being physically attracted to someone is a common human emotion for all those who have gone through puberty. It is an urge that cannot be helped as the very nature of our bodies is to find an exceptional mate and create prosperous children. This desire is inherent in all sexually reproductive creatures. Since the ability … [Read the full story]

Best man’s head gets injured by sex toy

Best man Jure Skumavc, 31, was hurt on his grooms stag night. It all happened when a strippers sex toy hit his face. Blood poured out of his head after it had shot 20 feet at the climax of her act in Darwin. We are unable to find out how the sex toy shot out … [Read the full story]

Bicycle pump…face…Caprice

Even after this photo appeared in a magazine, Caprice insists she hasn’t done anything to her face. No botox, no surgery…nothing. Which means the only possible explanation for her looking the way she does, is that she purposely blew up her face with a bicycle pump. by Debbie Dot

Visit the gym if you want to be a slapper this summer

Listen up girls, if you’re dreading dragging yourself out of bed to go to the gym, take heart in a recent survey that was done. You want to be looking good as summer is almost upon us, but this survey reckons that men that are looking for a long-term relationship prefer a pretty face to … [Read the full story]

Tony’s Quiet Time

Welcome to you all. My job as a pizza delivery man didn’t really work out. So I decided to take a break to get refreshed, you know, clear my head before I start looking for jobs. I decided to have a weekend of fishing. My friends Simon and Kate have a boat, so we all … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

‘If you smash your face against a desk, you’ll get a broken nose’