Technology makes Mount Everest a safer place to visit

A piece of wilderness was conquered around 6 years ago, when wireless 3G became available on Mount Everest. This may have changed the face of mountaineering forever. Can you imagine a climber who’s almost at the summit, stopping to update their facebook. But at least there’ll be a wicked hands-free to go with it. When taking a call at … [Read the full story]

Jamie Murphy – dickhead, or was he really set up?

Jamie Murphy, who was locked up in a Bali jail for two nights on suspicion of drug possesion, arrived back in Perth last Thursday. Murphy, aged 18, was caught with possession of a see-through, sealable bag with white powder in it. The bag can only be described as a ‘drug’ bag (bags for putting drugs in…in … [Read the full story]

All hail the ‘Pussy Man’

A Vietnamese man who just loves pussy has been dubbed ‘the Cat Lord’ after a video gone viral showed him riding a motorcycle with 4 cats as passengers. The video was posted in Facebook by Nguyen Duy Phuong, who is seen riding in Hanoi late at night with one cat on the handle-bars, and three … [Read the full story]

Prince Harry poser cons workman on Facebook

An Austrian workman fell victim to a €27,500 scam after a Facebook fraudster posed as Prince Harry. The conman offered the tradesman a ‘contract’ of a million euros he said was to renovate the parquet floors in Buckingham Palace. As part of the deal the floor fitter was asked to transfer €27,500 to several bank … [Read the full story]

Cheating husband gets 10,000 Facebook ‘likes’

A cheating husband has vowed to win back his ex-wife after a Facebook sign about his one-night stand got more than 15,000 ‘likes’. Ivan Lewis needed more than a box of chocolates and some flowers to say sorry to his former partner Sonya Gore after his constant cheating. He was forced to pose with an … [Read the full story]

Boyfriend gets “treasure hunt break-up letter’

A break-up is not normally fun but one jilted lover tried to make a game of it after she caught her boyfriend talking to another woman. Not much is known about the girl that dumped her other half except for what she wrote in a letter that was posted online. After apparently catching him communicating … [Read the full story]

Facebook: It’s a ‘Social Burden’

The Facebook generation is fed up with Facebook. That’s according to a report released by the Pew Research Center, which surveyed 802 teens between the ages of 12 and 17 last September to produce a 107-page report on their online habits. Pew’s findings suggest teens’ enthusiasm for Facebook is waning, lending credence to concerns, raised … [Read the full story]

Dear Lily – Help me save my reputation

Dear Lily, One of my so-called ‘friends’ has apparently been slagging me off on Facebook and Twitter and I’m not willing to let her get away with it. The person in question is always nice as pie when we’re face-to-face but as soon as she’s online she’s tweeting about how I don’t know what day … [Read the full story]

Pete Doherty sings French with unknowns, Dandies

French band called Dandies have recorded an obscure duet with Pete Doherty. Doherty sings in French, apparently for the first time on record, on the band’s new single ‘L Comme Liaison’. Doherty doesn’t appear in the video. Dandies posted a photo of themselves with Doherty on their Facebook page on March 17 as a “souvenir” … [Read the full story]

Mum’s emotional Facebook post goes viral

An Adelaide mother’s emotional Facebook post about a kind-hearted supermarket worker has gone viral. She says the worker is the first stranger who has treated her disabled daughter as a normal child, and it has restored her faith in humanity. Five-year-old Ella Jakas is a living miracle. A stroke left her permanently brain damaged, and … [Read the full story]

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