McDonald’s are bringing back McFibs

Do you really want to eat at McDonald’s? McRibs are coming back on McDonald’s menus…and, for a limited time only, the pork and barbecue sauce sandwich promises ‘sweet, saucy temptation’ and a ‘fantastically flavourful’ ‘dream’ of a meal. But the dreams end there, according to the Humane Society of the U.S., which has condemned the … [Read the full story]

Fat blokes must get pissed off when they can’t see their penis

A hefty 76% of 9 million people who started a diet this year will give up by the end of February. A survey was done by NescafĂ©. There’s a bloke I used to work with, and he was so fat, he used to take a fold up chair with him on smoko…so he can sit … [Read the full story]

Would you like your cholesterol pill with a milkshake?

Fast food restaurants could hand out free cholesterol-busting statin drugs with their burgers and fries so customers can offset the heart disease risks caused by the food, British researchers say. Statins lower the amount of unhealthy “LDL” cholesterol in the blood, and a raft of data has shown they are highly effective in fighting the … [Read the full story]