Man gets toilet roll holder stuck up his ass

A man was forced to call the emergency services after a toilet roll holder got stuck up his poop chute at his house in Newport, South Wales, UK. The unidentified man was reportedly unable to move and decided to dial 999 from his mobile phone. Firemen then removed the object, with paramedics providing medical attention … [Read the full story]

Seven feared dead as tunnel collapses in Tokyo

At least seven people are feared missing after parts of a major road tunnel collapsed west of Tokyo…trapping vehicles as smoke from a fire inside initially prevented rescuers from approaching. Several burned bodies have reportedly been found among the rubble at the Sasago Tunnel, around 50 miles outside the capital. Video footage from cameras inside … [Read the full story]

Free sausage with every prostitute club burns down

The owner of the Club Savanah brothel in Switzerland, who tried to drum up trade by offering punters a free sausage with every visit, has burned his establishment to the ground after losing control of his barbecue. Naked clients and sex workers fled the Aargau building as the flames consumed the brothel. The blaze started … [Read the full story]

83 people saved by walking the plank

Firefighters rigged a makeshift gangplank of ladders and ropes to rescue 83 people from a floating restaurant after it broke free from a pier on the flooded Ohio River in Covington, Kentucky.

Perth Hills burn

The two blazes have destroyed 4,000 acres of forested land to the north and southeast of Perth since Saturday. In Roleystone and the nearby community of Kelmscott, 68 houses were destroyed and many more have been damaged. Two hundred firefighters battled desperately to control the flames but they were unable to save the houses, the … [Read the full story]

Woman trapped in bathroom, but her teeth are so white and clean

FRENCH firefighters freed a 69-year-old woman who spent three weeks trapped in her bathroom and whose nocturnal pleas for help by tapping on pipes, were ignored by neighbours. The woman emerged in a “very weakened” state when rescue workers, alerted by neighbours worried because they had not seen her for some time, broke into her … [Read the full story]