The wonderful world of sex

Here are some sexy things scientists discovered last year. 1. Why beer goggles work: Faces that are symmetrical are thought to be the most attractive and alcohol interferes with our ability to detect lopsidedness. 2. Wear red if you want to pull a girl: Research shows women find men wearing red to be more sexually … [Read the full story]

Should we be eating nuclear Japanese fish?

Australia leads the world in medical research, and for many years our scientists have brought relief to patients suffering from various long term ailments. We lead in stem cell research and treatment for stomach ulcers as well as a possible break through in cancer treatments. So who is ordering the latest research into possible medical … [Read the full story]

Wet trousers give away fish smuggler

A man’s master plan to smuggle live fish into New Zealand was thwarted after airport officials saw his trousers were dripping wet. If you plan to sneak fish into another country it is probably best you come up with a better transport method than stuffing them in your pockets. Sadly this advice came too late … [Read the full story]

Dolphin bites a little girl in Florida

A hungry dolphin bit an 8-year-old girl at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, last week as she was feeding it scraps of fish. Jillian Thomas of Georgia suffered three puncture wounds the size of dimes and a swollen left hand after the unexpected biting occurred, her parents told the Orlando Sentinel. Jillian’s father, Jamie Thomas, … [Read the full story]

Taking ‘Fish-Fingers’ to a whole new level

Have you ever been wake-boarding, have an accident and your fingers fall off? It turns out fish like to eat them. A fisherman in the US state of Idaho recovered a bizarre find when he reeled in a trout from Priest Lake. The fingers within were identified as belonging to Washington wake-boarder Haans Galassi after … [Read the full story]

More of us are getting ‘Desk Derriere’

With more of us working behind desks than ever before, our bottoms are getting bigger – a problem that has been dubbed ‘desk derriere’. A recent study that scanned the buttocks of inactive people found muscle was shrinking and breaking down due to lack of exercise. The research at Tel Aviv University also showed that … [Read the full story]

Is it safe to eat fish?

I can remember the time of the nuclear reactor melt-down at Chernobyl. Warnings were issued to be wary of eating welsh lamb. It seems the fallout had effected areas across England and Wales. The grass was contaminated and being eaten by lambs. Some caution was advised. Since the reactor calamity in Japan no such warning … [Read the full story]

Those pissing swimmers are killing all the fish

Pissing swimmers have killed about 500 fish in a northern Germany lake, with their urine causing algae that poisons marine life. The mass death in the past two weeks has occurred in Eichbaum lake, in the port city of Hamburg. “Swimmers who urinate in the lake are introducing a lot of phosphate,” fishermen’s spokesman Manfred … [Read the full story]

What a shitty day !

Thought I’d have a day off for some much needed quiet time…but then, the maid showed up. Still no peace…a parcel arrived. I realised that I needed some groceries, and there were all these annoying bloody shoppers everywhere. On the way back home from the shops, these biker bitches attacked me. When I got home … [Read the full story]

Man imported heroin in fish

A Melbourne fish importer who hid eight kilograms of pure heroin with a maximum street “cap” value of $13.4 million in his legitimate frozen product has pleaded guilty to a charge that carries life imprisonment. The County Court heard that Ngoc Du Le, 59, packed 36 blocks of heroin among nine tonnes of loose fish … [Read the full story]

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