On this day…in 1964

On February 25, 1964, underdog Cassius Clay, age 22, defeats champion Sonny Liston in a technical knockout to win the world heavyweight boxing crown. The highly anticipated match took place in Miami Beach, Florida. Clay, who later became known to the world as Muhammad Ali, went on to become the first fighter to capture the … [Read the full story]

Celery racism is rife

Red celery has been developed by a Florida-based produce company to give a ‘colourful crunch’ to salads and dips. It looks like Rhubarb…and so what if celery is red. Are you going to buy this because of its colour? Of course you’re not, you’re going to buy celery because you like the taste. This is … [Read the full story]

Giant snails invade Florida

South Florida is fighting a growing infestation of one of the world’s most destructive invasive species: the giant African land snail, which can grow as big as a rat and gnaw through stucco and plaster. More than 1,000 of the mollusks are being caught each week in Miami-Dade and 117,000 in total since the first … [Read the full story]

Dolphin bites a little girl in Florida

A hungry dolphin bit an 8-year-old girl at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, last week as she was feeding it scraps of fish. Jillian Thomas of Georgia suffered three puncture wounds the size of dimes and a swollen left hand after the unexpected biting occurred, her parents told the Orlando Sentinel. Jillian’s father, Jamie Thomas, … [Read the full story]

Townsend walks off stage because it’s, “too loud”

Pete Townshend from The Who reportedly walked offstage at a gig in Florida this week. The guitarist, who has battled with hearing loss, left during an encore of ‘You Better You Bet’ during The Who show in Sunrise, Florida yesterday. Before leaving the stage, Townshend reportedly appeared unhappy with the sound levels onstage, shouting “too … [Read the full story]

Kate Upton shoots for Vogue

Kate Upton was dismissed as a girl with ‘the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy,’ by Victoria’s Secret earlier this year. But now, as she lands her second Vogue shoot, there is little doubt that the model is a bona fide member of the high fashion set. Hailed … [Read the full story]

A man called Jackmeoff is arrested…

An American man from Florida with an unfortunate name…or a strong commitment to practical jokes…was arrested last week on a litany of charges in Fort Lauderdale. Jackmeoff Mudd, 54, was arrested on charges of assault, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer, possession of alcohol in an open container, and violation of probation. He is being held at … [Read the full story]

Legoland breaks world record

Legoland Florida has opened its new water park with a splash, with a world record attempt for the highest number of beach balls in the air at the same time. The previous record stood at 401, but the 1,355 special guests, who also got to sample the water park before its official opening tomorrow (May … [Read the full story]

Davy Jones ignored signs of fatal heart attack

Monkees star Davy Jones ignored warning signs of the heart attack that killed him, it was revealed last night. The British-born pop idol dismissed chest pains as indigestion. Davy, 66, died after being taken ill near his Florida home last week. Daughter Talia, 43, said he had recently had medical tests. She said: “Everything came … [Read the full story]

Is Dwarf Tossing coming to Melbourne?

A politician wants to make “dwarf tossing” legal in Melbourne. But Victorians shouldn’t expect such a competition in their capital city any time soon. It’s the city of the same name in the US state of Florida where the push is on to provide employment opportunity for little people. Republican Ritch Workman filed the proposed legislation … [Read the full story]

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