A man walks into a library and says, “Have you got a book on Tourette Syndrome?” The librarian replies, “Fuck-off – you cunt!” The man says, “Yes, that’s the one”.

Davo’s quote of the day

If at first you don’t succeed…give up, and fuck off

Adele will spit in her dad’s face if she sees him

Adele has vowed to spit in her dad’s face if she ever sees him again. The ’21’ singer, who has just moved into a $11 million mansion, has said that she was no longer interested in having a relationship with her father Mark Evans, who sold a story on her to The Sun last year discussing his … [Read the full story]

A few Cunton Ramsay quotes

Gordon Ramsay has become a global susperstar for his F-word rants. Cunton Ramsay just seems to get ruder and ruder. Here are some of his most famous: To a customer who complined about a lack of pumpkin in his risotto: “I’ll get you more pumpkin…and I’ll ram it up your fucking arse. How would you … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

If you don’t fuck off, I’m gonna take you outside and sing you a few bars of, ‘You’ll Remember me!’

Horny Ghost’s exist in Australia

A ghost has become very fond of a woman in the Northern Territory and thinks that he wants to stay and haunt her…oh yeah…and his name is Kevin. Kevin once tried to drag her out of bed in the middle of the night. “I was asleep,” she said. “I woke up when someone grabbed my … [Read the full story]