The truth – freedom from politics and religion

When asking for a plebiscite on gay marriage, why is the argument used – free rights under the law for gays. This means the plebiscite does not ask for gay marriage but for similar rights for all people. What the change in law really means is please allow gays to marry. If this was the … [Read the full story]

Don’t label Gillian, even if she is a lezzer

Former X-Files star has spoken openly about having lesbian flings as a teenager – but it seems Gillian Anderson is less willing to put  a label on her ‘fluid’ sexuality. The twice-married mother of three has revealed that the death of an ex-girlfriend has convinced her of the need for a ‘more nuanced conversation about … [Read the full story]

Rubbish Pommie television programmes

I take this opportunity to write to you about the appalling standard of television we receive from the Foxtel UK Channel. I am of course referring to Eastenders. How this poorly written drivel can be broadcast to Australian viewers is offensive. Murders, thieves and villains who walzt in and out of other peoples homes…without keys…who just … [Read the full story]

Christians sued for allowing ‘hetersexuals only’ in their B&B

THE Christian owners of a seaside B&B are being sued in a landmark case, for refusing to let a gay couple share a double bed. Devout Peter and Hazelmary Bull told civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy it would be “an affront to their faith” if the men slept together. They offered them separate … [Read the full story]