Adam the Atheist – Lessons from the Bible

Hello. My name is Adam (it really is). My surname isn’t Atheist, but I am an atheist…and for good a reason.  It’s that Christmasy, bollocky time of year again. I’m not a miserable Scrooge – I’m just a normal person that doesn’t believe in religious shit – please…keep reading. Here’s a strange story from the … [Read the full story]

The origin of man comes from a place in Africa

The theory that modern humans came from one place in Africa has been challenged by new research. A study showed the Khoe and San peoples of the sub-Sahara are descendents of the earliest diversification event in the history of all humans, some 100,000 years ago. The findings, involving 220 participants representing 11 populations across southern … [Read the full story]

USA find Chinese 16 year-old winner ‘disturbing’

A diplomatic storm was brewing last night over Olympic swimming sensation Ye Shiwen. The Chinese 16-year-old was forced to deny using drugs after a respected US coach called her gold medal-winning performance ‘unbelievable’. But her defiant pledge that the world record-breaking swim on Saturday – which saw her outpace the winner of the men’s event … [Read the full story]

Man-Woman didn’t know he/she was a hermaphrodite

A woman with both male and female sex organs lived as a man for over 40 years because her parents didn’t tell her she was born a hermaphrodite for two decades. Caroline Kinsey has lived almost all her life as a man as her parents hid her intersex medical condition from her until she was … [Read the full story]

Do you know if your other half is a potential cheat?

He’s more likely to cheat if:   1. You earn more than he does – Men who are dependent on their partners for money are five times more likely to cheat. 2. He doesn’t like your family or friends – He’s more likely to stay faithful if he doesn’t want to lose their respect. She’s … [Read the full story]

Chain smokers have a genetic defect

Chain smokers battling in vain to quit may be able to blame it on their miswired brains, scientists revealed yesterday. The genetic defect makes many of them crave nicotine non-stop, according to researchers who claim to have pinpointed the fault. It lies in a “sub unit” of a receptor protein that normally squashes the urge … [Read the full story]