History is in the eye of the ignorant

I am getting older and spend my time looking backwards at history. That is true history, not the history proposed by twenty somethings just out of university. As a lad I was able to talk to my Grandad, he told me about the First World War. Not from history books, but from the sights and … [Read the full story]

Do you talk to your kids?

I think the thing I miss most is being able to talk to my grandad. My grandchildren don’t listen to me they play on their X-boxes. Are there too many electrical gadgets around today to influence our children with ipods, Wii, play stations, dvd players and television. When I was young I used to sit … [Read the full story]

Ozzy’s not so scary as he laughs with Pearl

Ozzy Osbourne looked like your average grandfather as he held his grandchild Pearl. The rocker couldn’t help but laugh as he spent time with his son Jack Osbourne, Lisa Stelly and their gorgeous little girl. Proud dad Jack took the intimate snap which he then tweeted, accompanied by the caption: ‘Pearl making her grandad laugh!’ … [Read the full story]

Will there be another war?

Years ago my grandad told me he crossed the world to do battle. Later my dad told me he crossed the world and he also did battle. They went to help their mates fight the Germans…and they won. Today the Germans are again dominating Europe. Not with soldiers, but with cash. The French all elegance … [Read the full story]

Soccer star’s dad shot dead

Ex-Aston Villa striker Savo Milosevic had got a mental grandad. Well he might not be mental, but he’s 83 years old and he’s been arrested…for allegedly shooting dead the star’s dad in Bosnia.

Tom Hanks becomes a grandad

Hollywood star Tom Hanks has become a grandad for the first time. His oldest son, Mad Men and Band of Brothers actor, Colin, 33, and wife Samantha Bryant had daughter Olivia Jane last month. Colin’s mum Samantha Lewes and Forrest Gump star Tom, 54, divorced in 1987 after nine years of marriage. They had two … [Read the full story]