It’s healthy not to argue

Feeling a bit under the weather? Then DON’T pick a fight with your other half. A thirty minute argument can slow your body’s ability to heal by at least a day, say US scientists. If you argue non-stop, the healing time can be doubled.

The strange world of Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff claims his mystical powers have helped heal more than 1000 people. A claim which is clearly the result of yet another nose dive into a vat of Jack Daniels.

Introducing…the Amazing Magnetic Boy!

A six-year-old Croatian boy astounds his family and friends with his ‘magnetic’ body. Ivan Stoiljkovic is reportedly able to stick metallic objects such as spoons, mobile phones and even frying pans to his body. And his family, who live in a village near Koprivnica, say he can carry up to 25kg of metal stuck to … [Read the full story]