Chocolate milk keeps you fit

We all know that you should eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day, exercise regularly and cut down on saturated fat. But in recent years scientists have discovered a host of new…and rather more surprising…health tips and remedies. Here, we reveal some of the more unusual advice for your well-being, including … [Read the full story]

How to REALLY satisfy your boyfriend

There’s nothing wrong, or nothing stopping you satisfying your boyfriend for a weekend. 1. The second he comes home from work on Friday night, put a drink in his hand. Serve him comfort food.  shoulder massage while he watches what he wants on telly. Then let him drift off to sleep with no sex…so he’s … [Read the full story]

High heels could improve a woman’s sex life

It’s been under investigation and apparently high heels pose a danger to women’s health. Well, we know of a doctor that doesn’t think so. An Italian doctor suggests that wearing sexy heels could even improve women’s sex life. By helping improve pelvic floor muscles, Dr. Maria Cerruto, a urologist and self-professed lover of high heels, … [Read the full story]