Which religion cares the most about the homeless?

Some religions may say change comes from within, but this homeless man has come up with an ingenious way of determining which faith produces the most generous devotees. An image posted online shows the man with a sign bearing the message ‘which religion cares the most about the homeless?’ and nine begging bowls in front … [Read the full story]

Homeless man wins $50,000

For most people, a lottery win would signal a lifestyle change – but one homeless man has no interest in letting his windfall alter his ways. Dennis Mahurin has become something of a celebrity in his home town of Bloomington, Indiana in the US after winning $50,000 on a scratchcard. Mr Mahurin, who lives in … [Read the full story]

Swedish Cannibal eats his wife’s lips

A man from Sweden has been charged after eating his wife’s lips. The professor from Sweden attacked his wife to make sure she could never kiss another man. Swedish news reports that the man wanted to give his wife ‘a life sentence’ of pain. The “Swedish Cannibal” did this because he was jealous his wife … [Read the full story]

Ozzy and the tramp

Ozzy Osbourne was at his generous best in Toronto. A homeless man spotted him and shouted, “You rule!” Ozzy walked over and handed him a $100 bill. The tramp then asked him to sign it. When Ozzy got his pen out, the man added delightedly, “It’s worth a lot more now”.

Should fireworks be banned and the money spent on a better cause?

Once again, a new year begins with wonderful firework displays all over the world. Now, I don’t want to start off with a moan, but I’m going to. Sydney, yet again leads the way with amazing fireworks that I’m sure people will remember forever. But how much does this all cost? I know that it’s … [Read the full story]

Leave the Dingo alone

The Azaria Chamberlain ‘Dingo’ case is trying to be re-opened by her dad, Michael Chamberlain. She died in 1980, and Dr. Michale Chamberlain wants to warn the world that Dingoes are predatory killers that will attack more children in the future. The fact is, that domestic dogs like the Rottweiler, Pit-Bull and Staffordshire Terrier, amongst … [Read the full story]