Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a wonderful Melbourne Cup meeting. The fashions the fantastic horses, and the stars come out to enjoy the fun and hopefully win some cash. Green Moon was outstanding and an easy winner. I expect him to be back next year to win it again.  Excuses for our tip?…you cannot expect him to win when … [Read the full story]

Grand National to lower 2 of its iconic fences

The famous Aintree racecourse will have the height of two of its iconic hurdles lowered after the death of two runners in this year’s Grand National. The deaths of Dooneys Gate and Ornais at the fourth jump and Becher’s Brook hurdle respectively led to the track’s first changes since ditches were filled in back in … [Read the full story]

A pack of four hundred wolves terrify Russian town

A ferocious pack of wolves has been terrifying a town after leaving more than 30 horses dead in just four days. Four hundred bloodthirsty wolves…four hundred, have been spotted prowling around the edges of Verkhoyansk, in Russia, attacking livestock at will. Twenty four teams of hunters have been put together to get rid of the … [Read the full story]

‘Jordan Idol’ to be the next farcical reality TV show

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching, “Jordan Idol”. There’s to be a televised hunt for her successor. We have no more details as of yet, but my guess is, you’ll do well in the competition if you forget how to read and write, have your legs open for 22 hours a day, make your kids … [Read the full story]

Please don’t kill off our Brumbies

The Man from Snowy River is a well known poem by A.B. (Banjo) Patterson which tells the story of a horseback pursuit to recapture the colt of a prizewinning racehorse that had escaped, and and is living wild with the brumbies (wild horses) of the mountain ranges. During the chase, the brumbies descend a seemingly … [Read the full story]