Professor Brown’s talking bulltish

I read an article by Professor Brown on Ozzie News recently and thought what a load of bulltish! He reminds me of the people who blame all their woes on God. If God wanted to punish us, he wouldn’t need misguided clerics to set up camps to train young men to blow themselves up! Think of … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU (Sunday Round-Up)

Another week of spin and pollies ducking the issues they promised when elected. Both parties highlighted issues relating to education, policing and health. Crime is increasing…especially violent crime. The promise of more police officers recruited to the force has been a miserable failure. There’s going to be more doctors and nurses to boost our hospitals … [Read the full story]

Cancer – a personal view

Over the past months or even years I have been a secret over-looker of what it’s like to  have a loved one with cancer.  Together we went through all the treatments. The highs and lows, the happy and sad times. To me it seemed that no one had enough detailed knowledge, or perhaps the wisdom, … [Read the full story]

Death tole 89 and rising as tornado smashes through Missouri

A massive tornado has turned a Missouri City to rubble, destroying everything in its path and reportedly killing 89 people, but authorities warned that the death tole would climb as rescuers continue their search. Missouri city of Joplin took a direct hit from Sunday’s twister and cut a path nearly 10km long and 1.5km wide through the centre … [Read the full story]