She’s hot

Hello everyone, The young lady in the photo is so very hot, we just had to put her on Ozzie News. If anyone has got her name, number, etc., just for professional reasons of course, please let us know. Anyway, she’s hot….enjoy.

Sofia Vergara looks hot on set

Talk about one very hot mama! But then again, have we ever seen this woman looking anything less than stellar? A red hot Sofia Vergara was spotted on the set of her hit comedy Modern Family while in Los Angeles, California. Also on set were her TV husband, Ed O’Neill, and TV son, Rico Rodriguez.

She’s hot

Who is this you might ask ! Well, as you know, we go for hot chicks because…this section is called She’s Hot. Today we have a beauty…and, as usual, we don’t know who she is, but we’re sure one of you will let us know. Is that ass just begging to be spanked? Anyway, She’s … [Read the full story]

She’s Hot

Hello everyone. As usual, we have no idea who this babe is. So, over to ‘A’ our resident spotter to clue you in on the name and no doubt whereabouts of this sandy beachcomber. Anyway, she’s hot… enjoy!

Happy Birthday to Ozzie News star Krystal Forscutt

Happy Birthday to Krystal Forscutt ! She was born on the 12th of July 1986 in Batemans Bay, New South Wales. First and foremost, she is an Australian model, secondly, she is a reality TV contestant, and thirdly, she is a superstar of Ozzie News in the She’s Hot section. She is one of Australia’s highest … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Hello to you all. I don’t know who this wonderful looking creature is…but she is sooo hot. I don’t want to sound derogatory by calling the lady (yes, you heard correctly, a lady) below a ‘creature’, but it is the fondest name I can think of. It is far better than calling her a number. … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Today’s She’s hot has, probably, one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. Her skin is wonderful, and she has a lovely curvy bum…she is simply gorgeous. We don’t know who she is, but our ‘in depth’ research leads us to believe that this sexy beast is into rap…she may even be a star. … [Read the full story]

She’s hot – Marzia Prince

Good day to you all. Well, this doesn’t happen very often. We have a She’s hot (SHON) photo…and we know who she is! We really do. But of course, we are not going to run before we walk with this new information…that’s right…we know very little about her. I believe she fits in the category … [Read the full story]

Happy Birthday to Ozzie News star Denise Milani

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Denise Milani. She was one of the first girls to be identified on our She’s hot section. She’s one of the hottest women you’ll ever see, and we’re so lucky that we now know who she is. Happy birthday Denise, have a great day. And here’s a great photo of the wonderful…Denise … [Read the full story]

Happy Birthday to Ozzie News star Joanna Krupa

Happy Birthday to Joanna Krupa ! Joanna Krupa was born on the April 23rd 1979,  is a Polish-American model and actress. Since John S. informed us who this beauty is on the 31st of July 2012, we’ve been getting email after email for us to show more of her. Of course, everyone can see more … [Read the full story]

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