Mental illness in women

Regardless of age, gender or race, mental disorders can affect anyone. There are millions who suffer from mental illness, but women are more likely to suffer from some particular mental illnesses. And figures in Australia show that women suffered double the amount of men from menatl illness last year. Biological factors do play a part … [Read the full story]

Peter Andre inconsolable as his brother dies

Katie Price has tweeted her support to ex husband Peter Andre after the death of his brother Andrew, who lost his battle with kidney cancer aged just 54. Andrew passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning with Peter and the rest of the Andre family by his bed side. Katie, whose children Princess … [Read the full story]

Cancer – a personal view

Over the past months or even years I have been a secret over-looker of what it’s like to  have a loved one with cancer.  Together we went through all the treatments. The highs and lows, the happy and sad times. To me it seemed that no one had enough detailed knowledge, or perhaps the wisdom, … [Read the full story]

The brave women of The SCAR Project

On a winter’s day at a gallery in New York’s SoHo, a small group of votive candles burned near to a visitor’s book. Page after page of heartfelt messages – moving, emotional and raw – filled the book’s pages, their strong words not dulled by the candles’ soft light. Nearby, were larger-than-real-life photos along the … [Read the full story]

Searching for the cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

M.E. is definitely not caused by a virus despite past claims, leading scientists say. They have ruled out a theory that the illness, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is triggered by little-known bugs found in blood. Two years ago researchers claimed to have made a breakthrough when they discovered a virus in blood samples … [Read the full story]

Springbok legend has three years to live

Springboks legend Joost van der Westhuizen has promised to keeping fighting on, despite recently being told by his doctor that he only has three years to live. Initially van der Westhuizen’s first priority was to make sure his insurance policies were in order to ensure his children’s future would be looked after. Only last month … [Read the full story]

Mummy memoirs suck

Book shelves are groaning with them. I’m no snob and I love a flick through a voyeuristic gossip mag, but do I really need to be given a guided tour around a celeb’s (or celeb’s wife) womb and nursery every time there’s a baby on the way? Becoming a mum IS amazing, but it’s not … [Read the full story]

Cancer patients helping to find a cure

Soaring numbers of cancer patients are taking part in trials to find a cure for the killer illness. The number of people helping clinical trials had quadrupled in the past ten years, with one in six now taking part. by Susan Floyd

Aretha Franklin cancels all her concerts

Soul Queen Aretha Franklin has cancelled all her concerts until May 2011 on doctors orders. The singer, who is now 68, has recently been in hospital with an illness. Although it isn’t known what sort of illness it is, she still reckons that she’ll complete her concerts next year. She has put some weight on … [Read the full story]