Why is the Prime Minister losing our trust?

It seems the polls are predicting a very large swing against the government. Could it be a few strange decisions of late…carbon tax and boat people. Perhaps I could help out with a few ideas of my own. Instead of sending boat people to Malaysia and Thailand, we should approach people without a country of … [Read the full story]

Kate Middletons friend plans to shoot illegal immigrants

A friend of Kate Middleton was interviewed under caution by police after posting an online message saying she planned to shoot illegal immigrants. Emma Sayle, 32, was formally questioned by police earlier this month after officers received a complaint about a message on her Facebook account but will face no further action. Events organizer Miss … [Read the full story]

Pauline Hanson returns from Britain disappointed

After visiting Britain, Pauline Hanson has discovered that it’s not as racially pure as she would have liked. We could have told you that, Pauline. After returning from Europe, the former One Nation leader has stated that she’s back for good and is considering returning to politics. Pauline Hanson said, “I love England but everyone … [Read the full story]