Kangaroo shuts down Melbourne Airport

An injured kangaroo shut down part of Melbourne Airport on Wednesday after it hopped through the busy terminal and into a drug store. Police secured the store before wildlife workers tranquilized and captured the animal. Given the name Cyrus, after one of his rescuers, the male eastern grey kangaroo was injured by a vehicle on … [Read the full story]

Tourists injured by charging elephant

A Polish and a Chinese tourist visiting South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park were taken to hospital after an elephant charged their car and overturned the vehicle on Monday, park officials said. An emergency medical team was dispatched by helicopter to the accident scene in the vast park. The Polish man, who was not identified, … [Read the full story]

Dolphin bites a little girl in Florida

A hungry dolphin bit an 8-year-old girl at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, last week as she was feeding it scraps of fish. Jillian Thomas of Georgia suffered three puncture wounds the size of dimes and a swollen left hand after the unexpected biting occurred, her parents told the Orlando Sentinel. Jillian’s father, Jamie Thomas, … [Read the full story]

1958…I remember it like it was yesterday

It was my first job and I had only started a year earlier. I worked in London for a national newspaper. Newspapers were the main form of information, and readers would buy two or three copies a day, just to keep up with the latest news and sports results. Television was in its early days … [Read the full story]

Women injured by exploding toilets

Exploding toilets injured two workers at a federal building in Washington D.C because of a plumbing malfunction that blasted out tiny shards of porcelain. A woman from the General Services Administration (GSA) building was taken to a hospital with serious cuts to her leg from ‘flying debris’ caused by the toilet blast. Another loo exploded … [Read the full story]

London Riots: injured man gets robbed

This is the sickening moment an injured and bleeding teenager is robbed in broad daylight by lawless thugs who pretend to help him to his feet. The unnamed teenager is shown being apparently assisted by kind-hearted passers-by after being spotted dazed and injured on the ground. But seconds after the vulnerable boy, bleeding copiously from … [Read the full story]

The South Americans love playing with petrol bombs

A post-match brawl involving players from both Santos and Panarol marred the final of the Copa Libertadores. Brazilian outfit Santos secured a 2-1 victory in the second leg clash to win the most prestigious club competition in South American football for the first time since the Pele era. Neymar put Santos ahead in the 47th … [Read the full story]

Lawrence and Tuquiri won’t be playing for the Tigers for a while

Wests Tigers centre Chris Lawrence will have more scans on his injured hip today to determine whether the Australian representative will play again in the NRL this season. The Tigers confirmed on Sunday that Lawrence will miss at least three months of NRL football with a dislocated hip, while winger Lote Tuqiri is unlikely to … [Read the full story]

No compo for injuries during sex

A public servant who suffered an injury while she was having sex on a work trip won’t be getting any compo. The woman, who suffered a nose injury and damaged teeth during the ‘moment of passion’ in 2007, had her bid for compensation knocked back by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Her injuries occurred when a … [Read the full story]

North Korea attacks South Korea

North Korea has fired over 50 artillery shells onto a South Korean island, killing one person. This set off an exchange of fire between the two countries. South Korea’s governement occupied an underground war room and air force jets were reported to have scouted the area around the Yellow Sea Island. North Korea failed to … [Read the full story]

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