Is Heineken interactive ad as good as their beer?

Sponsored by Heineken This is not your normal beer advert…actually, it’s not your normal advert period. Is the new Skyfall interactive advert as good as Heineken’s beer? Vidéo virale par ebuzzing Usually, I would steer clear of any interactive internet based application. I see kids and adults with their heads tilted downwards towards their iPhone, … [Read the full story]

New Apple device will be call iPad HD

Apple’s new tablet computer will be called iPad HD, rather than iPad 3, says a developer with inside knowledge about today’s launch. Accessory companies such as Griffin which make cases and other add-ons for Apple’s tablet have also listed the product as iPad HD, rather than iPad 3. The name would fit with the strongest … [Read the full story]

Hackers find hidden feature in iPhone

Hackers claim to have unlocked a secret photo function for the new iPhone and iPad. Gadget enthusiasts claim to have found a feature which allows users to take panoramic pictures using the camera on the device. Photos posted on websites show the new function in action on devices which run Apple’s latest iOS5 firmware. Some … [Read the full story]

Apple blames iOS 5 for battery bug

Apple has admitted that “a few bugs” in its latest mobile operating system iOS 5 are affecting the battery life of some of its devices. It said that it will release a fix in the next few weeks. The issue came to light over recent weeks with thousands complaining on Apple’s forums about poor battery … [Read the full story]

Apple scam in Adelaide

An IT business in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs has become the second victim of a smooth talking conman, who’s so far made off with $13,000 dollars in cash. He offers Apple computer products at rock-bottom prices, but delivers nothing more than boxes of newspaper, flour and sugar. Police say the scammer also went to a restaurant … [Read the full story]

App to track sleep quality

A new app that aims to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep uses brainwaves to track the amount of time spent in different stages of sleep. Called Sleep Manager, the app synchronizes with a headset that measures brain activity, eye movement and other signals in light, deep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. … [Read the full story]

It all began with an iPhone…

March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday and I got him an iPhone. He just loved it. Who wouldn’t?  I celebrated my birthday in June, and my wife made me very happy when she bought me an iPad.  My daughter’s birthday was in August so I got her an iPod Touch.  My wife … [Read the full story]

Teenager sells his kidney for an iPad

A teenager in China has sold one of his kidneys in order to buy an iPad 2, Chinese media report. The 17-year-old, identified only as Little Zheng, told a local TV station he had arranged the sale of the kidney over the internet. The story only came to light after the teenager’s mother became suspicious. … [Read the full story]

David Beckham is exited and proud to be invited the Royal Wedding

Yesterday he was so excited about his Royal wedding invitation that he posted a video on Facebook to talk about it. And now David Beckham is en route to London for the big day. The footballer, who has been given special permission by his U.S. club the Los Angeles Galaxy to attend the event on … [Read the full story]