On this day…in 1975

On this day in 1975, the Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie (Voight) is born in Los Angeles, California. Jolie’s father, the actor Jon Voight, had been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for Midnight Cowboy (1969); he won the award for Coming Home (1978). Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was also an actress; the couple divorced … [Read the full story]

Will freezing your eggs actually give you a baby?

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to have frozen her eggs, and in a recent episode of the U.S. reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim injected herself with hormones in preparation for doing the same. Women are delaying childbirth as never before…the average woman now has her first child  at 31, compared … [Read the full story]

Jennifer Aniston gets her clevage out

Jennifer Aniston wasn’t shy about showing off her wonderful chest in a revealing black frock. The former Friends star made sure all eyes were on her with her revealing dress, which showed off her all-over tan. She was joined by Bad Teacher star Cameron Diaz at last night’s Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2012 … [Read the full story]

Jennifer Aniston out with her see-Theroux

Jennifer Aniston shows off her own tourist attractions while sight-seeing with boyfriend Justin Theroux. The 43-year-old was with her man walking around the Vatican City and flashing quite a lot of flesh for such a religious area. Wearing a booby, short grey dress with a lot of thigh on display, the actress didn’t seem to … [Read the full story]

Vanessa Hudgens looks filthy at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens sent temperatures soaring at the Coachella festival yesterday…by showing off her stocking tops. The Sucker Punch star went for the hippy look, with a super-short dress, beads, a big floppy hat and flat boots. But she added a sexy twist with the black lacy pull-ups, leaving a tantalising glimpse of thigh. And she gave the … [Read the full story]

Jennifer Aniston shows off her bra

She seems to have something of a new-found confidence, showing off her figure at every opportunity. And now Jennifer Aniston has come forward to admit her new attitude has come from being in her forties. The actress is seen displaying her taut and toned figure in little more than a black bra and miniskirt as … [Read the full story]

Jennifer Aniston is the Sexiest Woman of All Time

There’s no denying than Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman with an amazing body and an envious lifestyle. But it comes to some amazement that the 42-year-old actress has been named Sexiest Woman of All Time. And not only that – she beat out her former love rival Angelina Jolie who has long been considered to … [Read the full story]

It’s all about ‘Potent Charm’

Take a look around your friends and colleagues. The chances are that the most attractive among them possess not only beauty, but intelligence and potent charm as well. Doors open for them as if by magic. People fall over themselves to help them and these charmed beings seem to have far fewer problems than the … [Read the full story]

Angelina Jolie’s kids eat crickets like Doritos

With a mother and father who are worth millions you’d expect Angelina Jolie’s boys Maddox and Pax would have quite an exotic palette. Confirming that hunch, their Hollywood actress mother has revealed that her boys have developed a penchant for dried crickets. The 36-year-old introduced the youngsters to the south-east Asian delicacy while they were … [Read the full story]

Jennifer Aniston gets a tattoo to honour her deceased dog, Norman

Jennifer Aniston has joined the ranks of the inked by getting her first tattoo. The “Horrible Bosses” star strolled through New York City in sandals, revealing a tattoo on the inside of her right foot that has a special significance. The tattoo reads, “Norman,” in memory of her beloved Welsh corgi/terrier mix who passed away … [Read the full story]

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