Jeremy Clarkson sells his company to the BBC

He is already the BBC’s highest paid star. Now Jeremy Clarkson is set for a £5million windfall after the Corporation bought out his stake in his production company. The Top Gear presenter set up Bedder 6 five years ago with the show’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, to exploit the programme’s global brand. Together the pair … [Read the full story]

JC’s had an affair before

Jeremy Clarksons first marriage would end in divorce within a year, but yesterday ex-wife Alex Hall told how they went on to enjoy a ten-year affair after the motoring journalist married second wife Francie. At one point the Top Gear philanderer even told her he had cheated on both of them with a BBC colleague. … [Read the full story]

Clarkson laughs off alleged affair

Jeremy Clarkson and his wife Frances haven’t been seen together in public since the presenter was alleged to have had an affair with a colleague. But the couple, who have been married 18 years, put on a show of solidarity at the weekend as they posed for photographers at a Help For Heroes charity event. … [Read the full story]

Top Gear in trouble as they park in disabled bay

Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May have driven into trouble yet again…this time for parking in disabled bays during filming of the hit show. In a feature in the new series showed on Channel 9, the pair tried out electric cars by driving them to Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, where they pulled into a car … [Read the full story]

The Welsh want to kill Top Gear presenters because they can’t take a joke

Never mind the Mexicans…TV’s Top Gear motormouths have been sent death threats after slating the Welsh. James May revealed he and co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were targeted. The BBC have already apologised after the Mexicans were branded, ‘lazy, feckless, flatulant and overweight’, on the show. But May, 48, said that was nothing compared … [Read the full story]

Jeremy Clarkson probably won’t be interviewed by Piers Morgan

Jeremy Clarkson was asked if he’d appear on Piers Morgan’s US chat show. Clarkson commented, “If CNN was recorded in my back garden I still wouldn’t be interviewed by Piers Morgan…I’m thrilled he has the means he’s 3,000 miles from where I am.” These gobby celebs have rubbed each other up the wrong way … [Read the full story]

Jeremy Clarkson insults Jordans ‘Pink Whore’s Box’

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond might have defended the show over its ‘naughty’ and ‘outspoken’ stars yesterday but now Jeremy Clarkson has make an offensive jibe about Katie Price. After apologising for a string of insulting remarks about Mexico, Clarkson referred to the model’s pink horsebox vehicle as a ‘pink whore’s box’ in the latest … [Read the full story]

Nurse, I think my willy tastes funny

Jeremy Clarkson slammed Sky Sports live on TV for dismissing Andy Gray and said he and his colleagues should have been ‘sacked 100 times’ over their off-air conversations. But now Jeremy Clarkson has further fuelled the sexism row and dropped Richard Hammond in it after revealing obscene comments that his Top Gear co-star made off … [Read the full story]

Clarkson making lotsa dosh

Jeremy Clarkson pocketed an extra $500,000 from Top Gear on top of his seven figure BBC salary. Clarkson, 50, has cashed in on merchandising revenue from the shows global success. In accounts filed at Companies House for Bedder 6, the joint venture between Clarkson and his executive producer and the BBC’s commercial arm, sales for … [Read the full story]

Stig was bullied and threatened

Ben, 35, spent seven years as the crash-helmeted Top Gear driver – an icon for legions of fans who were never told his real identity. He finally decided to write a book about his experiences on the BBC’s hit motoring show, fearing he was about to be dumped because too many people had discovered his … [Read the full story]

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