Will freezing your eggs actually give you a baby?

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to have frozen her eggs, and in a recent episode of the U.S. reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim injected herself with hormones in preparation for doing the same. Women are delaying childbirth as never before…the average woman now has her first child  at 31, compared … [Read the full story]

Plastic fantastic

Today the entertainment industry is totally obsessed with pseudo stars. I mean of course plastic hand made entertainers on television or in music. The Monkees in the sixties were a put together group which made a large amount of money for their manufacturers. Before them the Jacksons and the Osmonds were real families who could … [Read the full story]

The Kardashians will endorse anything

The Kardashian family brand has taken a beating in the last year following Kim’s disastrous short marriage to Kris Humphries. But it seems Kris Jenner is bringing it to a new low after plugging a female sex aid that she claims offers ‘instant gratification.’ The 56-year-old  reality personality is advertising Zestra, which she claims ‘is … [Read the full story]