Peter Andre inconsolable as his brother dies

Katie Price has tweeted her support to ex husband Peter Andre after the death of his brother Andrew, who lost his battle with kidney cancer aged just 54. Andrew passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning with Peter and the rest of the Andre family by his bed side. Katie, whose children Princess … [Read the full story]

Oh no…another Katie Price!

Katie Price says that when she started her reality series she did not wish to find ‘just another one of me.’ Despite appearances, when the glamour model and the winner of Signed by Katie Price, Amy Willerton, filmed an interview, she insisted: ‘We are so not alike. Thank God! We are not the same at … [Read the full story]

Are blow-up dolls and Amy Childs the same?

Can you spot the difference? The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs DOES look like a blow-up doll. I’ve actually been with Amy once…that’s MET her…not what your dirty minds are thinking. I don’t remember much of the conversation we had. I wasn’t pissed, I just couldn’t stop looking at her plastic tits. But she … [Read the full story]

It’s all about ‘Potent Charm’

Take a look around your friends and colleagues. The chances are that the most attractive among them possess not only beauty, but intelligence and potent charm as well. Doors open for them as if by magic. People fall over themselves to help them and these charmed beings seem to have far fewer problems than the … [Read the full story]

Celebrity Apprentice is full of bullies, but is it entertaining?

Where do they find the people to appear on reality programmes. Do they trawl for the most miserable, or the most agressive. Perhaps its the ones who talk loudest and curse with more expressions. The fattest losers seems to have its fair share of miseries and moaners. But i’ts the Celebrity Apprentice on Foxtel that … [Read the full story]

Jeremy Clarkson insults Jordans ‘Pink Whore’s Box’

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond might have defended the show over its ‘naughty’ and ‘outspoken’ stars yesterday but now Jeremy Clarkson has make an offensive jibe about Katie Price. After apologising for a string of insulting remarks about Mexico, Clarkson referred to the model’s pink horsebox vehicle as a ‘pink whore’s box’ in the latest … [Read the full story]

Katie Price digs up her former self

Jordans 2011 calendar is great for folk that love big boobs. But hang on a minute…hang on just a bloody minute…Jordan? I thought that the “Jordan” logo had been buried and she was only to be known as Katie Price. I think that she’s maybe realised that she is 32, which isn’t old…not for us … [Read the full story]

Katie Price is an old bag

I’ve heard it all now, Jordan says she doesn’t want the kids appearing on Peter Andre’s reality TV show because she wants to keep them out of the public eye. Eh? This’ll be the same kids who were splattered all over HER reality TV show every week and across the pages of OK magazine. I … [Read the full story]

‘Jordan Idol’ to be the next farcical reality TV show

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching, “Jordan Idol”. There’s to be a televised hunt for her successor. We have no more details as of yet, but my guess is, you’ll do well in the competition if you forget how to read and write, have your legs open for 22 hours a day, make your kids … [Read the full story]

Angela Mogridge…a breath of fresh air for Peter Andre

I’m a bit sick and tired of the Peter Andre and Jordan saga. Well it’s not really a saga…it’s just two very boring people who’ve ended their relationship together. I can’t believe that the stupid British public are still even remotely interested in this. Jordan was, and still is, about as interesting as a Kevin … [Read the full story]