Chelsea soccer star’s dad is kidnapped

Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel has pleaded for his father’s safe return, after he was kidnapped in Nigeria over the weekend. Mikel’s father, Michael Obi, was kidnapped on Friday in the central Nigerian city of Jos. No ransom demand had been received so far, and Mikel went on television in England to speak about the … [Read the full story]

Man mutilated and tortured by drug Barons

A man that’s been mutilated is under police guard after being tortured by alleged drug Barons in Portugal. James Ross, 26, an ex-con, suffered horrific injuries in a 13 day kidnap ordeal which was not too dis-similar to the infamous ‘ear cutting’ scene in Reservoir Dogs. Ross had a bit more done to him. He … [Read the full story]

Fatso the fat-arsed wombat has been stolen

HE was vandalised during an abduction attempt weeks ago, and now, brazen thieves have struck – Fatso The Fat Arsed Wombat has been stolen from his plinth outside ANZ Stadium at Homebush. Fatso achieved global fame at the 2000 and 2004 Olympics as the mascot of HG Nelson and Roy Slaven’s show, and was immortalised … [Read the full story]