Time to assess the world today

2017 is the year to understand why we are in a crisis around the world – we must start with the past. Democracy although semi introduced by the Greeks (semi because women and the poor could not vote), was given prominence by the Magna Carta, before democracy Kings, Emperors and Ceasars ruled the world and almost … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

A young child killed in her bed by a motorist crashing through the wall of her bedroom, children killed by rocket attacks in Syria and fire in a disco killed hundreds of youngsters in Brazil.  What terrible tragedies. France sending in troops to fight in Africa…are they mad? After a disaster in Vietnam, which drew … [Read the full story]

World predictions for 2013

Next year has the magical number thirteen to generate good and bad over the coming twelve months. Europe is going through a tough time…it will get even tougher next year. Watch out for the UK to cause a few heart stopping moments for the Germans and French. In America the President will find his second … [Read the full story]

I start a new job…

I start a new job in Seoul next week. I thought it was a good Korea move.

Why is man so bloody violent?

I have studied modern history of the past sixty years , and it would seem the only problem today is man. Sixty years ago men were fighting in Korea. Today they are still fighting but in different countries. In Korea it was to help the people have  freedom and democracy. Today those same reasons are used … [Read the full story]

Webber edged out by Vettel for Korea pole

Red Bull dominated qualifying for the Korean Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel edging out team-mate Mark Webber to secure pole position. Vettel took the honours for the ninth time this season, just edging out Webber, while being two tenths of a second quicker than third-placed Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton had to … [Read the full story]