Dancing pumpkin in hilarious Halloween prank

What would you do if a dancing stranger with a pumpkin on his head surprised you in the dead of night? Unsuspecting members of the public in Poland either burst into laughter or ran away frightened after falling victim to this epic Halloween prank. Hiding under some leaves amongst an outdoor jack-o-lantern display, Mr Pumpkin … [Read the full story]

Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I do wish people would take the effort to lie to me in a well constructed, factually difficult to disprove manner, I really do get annoyed when the effort is not made to construct a solid, plausible fabrication, it shows a terrible lack of respect. I always tell the truth (but of course that could … [Read the full story]

Women aren’t as witty as men in the boardroom

It’s that awkward moment we all know so well…when a joke cracked at work falls flat. The tumbleweed rolls and the boss is far from impressed. But according to research that happens to some of us more than others…namely women. The new study revealed the brand of humour used by leading businesswomen often leads to … [Read the full story]

Apparently, the best things we love ARE free

The simple things in life are the best.  From having a laugh to feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. Most of us enjoy a good giggle above any other of life’s pleasures, according to a new survey. And it doesn’t cost a penny.  In an increasingly materialistic world, it is family, friends … [Read the full story]

Tactless, talentless…ladies & gentlemen, Robbie ‘Dickhead’ Williams

Robbie Williams says he blew his chances with popstar Kylie Minogue, after he drunkenly laughed at her naked. The pair teamed up to film the video for hit single Kids during which she stripped for the final scenes. But Williams says in his new book You Know Me how the shock of seeing the woman … [Read the full story]