China blocks all internet reports

Nervous leaders in China have blocked all internet reports of an alleged attempted coup.  Online reports of tanks on the streets of the capital Beijing and shots fired within the secure leaders’ compound – which is located next door the top tourist attraction, the Forbidden City – are being closely monitored by the international intelligence … [Read the full story]

Where are YOU going when you die?

As I get older and closer to the final curtain.  I spend time considering where do we go when we die. Now take our new leaders, if they don’t believe in God, where do they go?. Where do communists go? Sinners of course must be punished, but unbelievers, what happens to them? Jehjovah’s Witnesses of … [Read the full story]

The Old Git moans about…

HOGAN AND TAX…MY VIEW I don’t understand what Hogan’s problem is ! As a pensioner  he should know we are all here to help the government pay their dues. We have paid taxes for over fifty years, does he think this government will allow the elderly to have a few extra dollars in their old … [Read the full story]