Cigarette ‘plain packaging’ law passes Senate

Laws banning brand labels on cigarette packaging have been passed by the Australian Senate, their last key hurdle before coming into effect. The move removes brand colours and logos from cigarette packaging. Instead, cigarettes will be sold in olive green cartons with graphic images warning of the consequences of smoking. The legislation now returns to … [Read the full story]

Senate backs carbon tax

Australia is the developed world’s worst polluter per head of population. Australia’s Senate has approved a controversial law on pollution, after years of bitter political wrangling. The Clean Energy Act will force the country’s 500 worst-polluting companies to pay a tax on their carbon emissions from 1 July next year. The Senate vote is a … [Read the full story]

TV broadcasts will have to sell live events for $1 if not shown

Commercial broadcasters that are not prepared to broadcast some iconic sporting events live could be forced to on-sell the rights to a rival for $1 under new anti-siphoning legislation expected to be introduced into federal parliament later this month. An exposure draft of the legislation spells out for the first time the new “use it … [Read the full story]