On this day…in 1941

On this day, British and Australian forces enter the port at Tobruk, in Libya, and tens of thousands of Italian occupiers are taken prisoner. Italy declared war on Great Britain in June 1940. At that time, Gen. Rodolfo Graziani had almost 10 times the number of men in Libya than the British forces in Egypt under … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

What a week it’s been. I always feel insecure when pollies tell us they are looking to give us better defence and a safer world. Look at what’s happening in the USA…there’s a president who does not want to spend money during a depression on war. He looked on as Egypt changed governments and Europe … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylors SRU (Sunday Round Up)

I cannot believe our Julia Gillard is pushing for a seat on the UN Security Council. Spending millions of dollars for a seat on a council that has no chance of enhancing security in the world. Look at the competition…it’s between us and Luxembourg, Finland…say no more! We are sending more troops to Afghanistan or … [Read the full story]

Can history repeat itself?

It is exactly eleven years ago when the twin towers in New York were subjected to a dreadful terrorist attack and 9/11 will always be remembered as the day the world mourned the wickedness in man. It will also be remembered as a day the world changed its apathy to terrorists in many countries. Northern … [Read the full story]

Hundreds queue to gawp at Gaddafi’s body

It was the moment Libyans had been waiting 42 years for – so it was no surprise they wanted to believe it with their own eyes. Hundreds braved the stench of rotting flesh today to see their hated former dictator’s body, and know for sure he is never coming back. Bloodied, bullet-ridden and left lying … [Read the full story]

Why are we in this predicament?

Do you, like me, often wonder why we are struggling to understand the reasons for higher prices? Also, the crashing of stocks and shares, the change in monetary rates? Because the Australian dollar is so strong against other currencies, which is good if you like to holiday outside Australia, but bad for our exports. Then … [Read the full story]

Libyan soccer stars abandon Colonel Gaddafi

Four of the national soccer team of Libya, and the coach of one of the countrys top club sides have abandoned Colonel Gaddafi and his regime, and defected to the ant-government rebels. The move is a bitter propaganda blow to the Libyan dictator, especially as the  coach is Adel bin Issa from Tripoli’s top club … [Read the full story]

I don’t believe the way politicians behave today

I have been resting lately gathering my strength  while persuing the news. All bad news lately, Tsunami, floods, fires and radiation leaks. Then of course there are the politicians…I read with interest about the Prime Minister of the UK telLing the police to investigate the disappearance of a young child in Portugal. The police told … [Read the full story]

If you want to buy Carlos Tevez, you might have to raid the piggy bank

Manchester City will slap a £50million price-tag on Carlos Tevez this summer. City manager Roberto Mancini fears that captain Tevez will attempt to force through a move away from the club this at the end of the season, probably to Italy, after spending two years at Eastlands. The view is shared by other members of the City hierarchy but … [Read the full story]

Why is man so bloody violent?

I have studied modern history of the past sixty years , and it would seem the only problem today is man. Sixty years ago men were fighting in Korea. Today they are still fighting but in different countries. In Korea it was to help the people have  freedom and democracy. Today those same reasons are used … [Read the full story]