Lost blind dog found its way home in Alaska

A dog that is blind got lost in Alaska with winter temperatures far below freezing has been found and returned home. After walking 16 kilometres, eight-year-old Abby was found and returned to her owners. “It’s a miracle,” McKenzie Grapengeter said. The blind dogs name is Abbey, and it disappeared on December 13 and turned up … [Read the full story]

Rugby Coach headbutts boy for losing match

A rugby coach in New Zealand grabbed his son around the throat and later headbutted the 11-year-old boy because the man blamed the youngster for losing a match. The man admitted to the attack in Alexandra District Court on Wednesday. The court was told the man returned home drunk last month, verbally abused his son, … [Read the full story]

Female G spot lost in space!

Men searching for the ultimate kick and women too can forget it, the secret female G spot has been lost and was last seen heading towards a “black hole” somewhere in the galaxy. After all the years of trying, prodding, stroking, rubbing, tickling and licking it seems that the G spot is actually not there … [Read the full story]