The Kardashians will endorse anything

The Kardashian family brand has taken a beating in the last year following Kim’s disastrous short marriage to Kris Humphries. But it seems Kris Jenner is bringing it to a new low after plugging a female sex aid that she claims offers ‘instant gratification.’ The 56-year-old  reality personality is advertising Zestra, which she claims ‘is … [Read the full story]

Lads, are you better off with a non-promiscuous woman or a slag?

Young, pretty and promiscuous…today’s women have slept with three times as many men as girls in the 60’s, says a new survey. So is casual sex good for your long term love life, or should you wait for Mr Right? This is the story of one 28 year old woman who was counted in the … [Read the full story]

Kylie’s feeling like her old self

Pop princess Kylie Minogue is back to her gorgeous best as she looks forward to getting the five-year cancer all clear in March. And her health, career and love life are all looking as good as she does in a recent photo shoot. Kylie said, “A lot of peeple have said to me recently that … [Read the full story]