How do I get my boyfriend to be romantic?

Dear Lily, After my boyfriend and I have made love, all he does is grunt and go straight to sleep or slope off and play computer games until 3am. I, on the other hand, wish to punctuate our coitus by way of a lingering, romantic conversation whilst wrapped in each others arms until we eventually … [Read the full story]

How does your sexual history compare?

While everybody is different, and life choices play a huge part in creating our sexual histories, there are certain things the average reasonably attractive and sexually savvy person gets up to at a certain age. How do you compare to the norm. In your 20’s: 1. He’s sex mad – 85% of 20 to 30 … [Read the full story]

Sex facts – the truth about what goes on between the sheets

Sixty-four per cent of women and 20% of men fake it in bed, a survey reveals. A quarter of women resort to role play and 42% of men think of others during sex. So if your partner made the earth move for you, don’t give them a kiss…give them an Oscar. Below are the other … [Read the full story]