Women aren’t as witty as men in the boardroom

It’s that awkward moment we all know so well…when a joke cracked at work falls flat. The tumbleweed rolls and the boss is far from impressed. But according to research that happens to some of us more than others…namely women. The new study revealed the brand of humour used by leading businesswomen often leads to … [Read the full story]

Men love women, but women LOVE handbags

One morning I was listening to the radio with my colleague Buford Balony when someone said, ‘The world’s tragedy is this…men love women, women love children and children love hamsters.’ ‘Hummph,’ he said: ‘The real tragedy is that men love women, but women love handbags.’ He had a point. Millions of women do love handbags…and shopping generally…with … [Read the full story]

Is fatherhood making men ‘Weak As Piss?’

We have long been obsessed with how women’s bodies and health are altered by motherhood — what it does to their hormones, brain power, relationships and even their risk of cancer and other diseases. But while men might not go through the physical process of childbirth, a growing body of evidence suggests they, too, experience … [Read the full story]

Who says I love you first?

Who is usually the first to say, “I love you”? Men or women? Sixty-four per cent of people think it’s the woman who say it before the man, but a survey in the United States showed MEN are more likely to profess love first. Not only are men are more likely to say “I love … [Read the full story]

More men believe in love at first sight

Fifty-four percent of men believe in love at first sight whereas only 44% of women believe in it. And get this…more women (77%) than men (58%) need ‘personal space’ in their relationships. These were the results of a huge study done in the US. But the ‘personal space’ study quite simply means that men actually get … [Read the full story]

The Kissing Debate – wet or long?

Men want sloppier kisses and women want longer ones. That’s the conclusion of a US study…and it seems there’s a scientific reason behind it. Men have more testoserone to women via their saliva, which may momentarily increase her sex drive. This may also explain why men said the wetter the women kissed, the more aroused … [Read the full story]

Of course men prefer blondes with large breasts

Do men really prefer blondes? It seems the answer is yes. But it’s hard-wired rather than a voluntary preference. Light hair darkens with age, so blonde hair was seen as an indicator of youth and fertility in the days when other fertility flags like large breasts and child bearing hips were hidden under clothing. by … [Read the full story]

Lads, are you better off with a non-promiscuous woman or a slag?

Young, pretty and promiscuous…today’s women have slept with three times as many men as girls in the 60’s, says a new survey. So is casual sex good for your long term love life, or should you wait for Mr Right? This is the story of one 28 year old woman who was counted in the … [Read the full story]

Sleeping is better than sex (depends who you’re sleeping with)

One in four women say they are so tired they’d give up sex for a month for a good night’s sleep. But just 13% of men would make the same sacrifice. A third of women would also give up chocolate, a survey claims. Four in ten of all Aussies would pay cash for an undisturbed … [Read the full story]

Sex facts – the truth about what goes on between the sheets

Sixty-four per cent of women and 20% of men fake it in bed, a survey reveals. A quarter of women resort to role play and 42% of men think of others during sex. So if your partner made the earth move for you, don’t give them a kiss…give them an Oscar. Below are the other … [Read the full story]

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