Miley – Why DOES she stick her tongue out all the time?

Love her or hate her, there are people all over the world who are wondering why it is that in every photo – no matter what the occasion, Miley Cyrus is sticking her tongue out. Well. During an interview with Barbara Walters, who named Miley as one of her top ten most fascinating people of … [Read the full story]

Juergen Teller refuses to shoot Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has just landed herself the new Marc Jacobs campaign. You’d think she would feel like she’s on top of the world, but the reality is, there seems to be some fine print associated with the deal. As many of you may not know, Juergen Teller is Marc Jacobs go-to guy for photo shoots, … [Read the full story]

Nicki Minaj gets her tits out

Nicki Minaj has joined the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus in revealing a bit too much. Minaj posted the very boob-heavy pic to her Instagram account wearing nothing but leopard-print stars over her nips.

Amanda Bynes calls Miley Cyrus “Ugly”

Amanda Bynes has found her latest Twitter target: Miley Cyrus. After going on a microblogging rampage that’s already ensnared everyone from her father to Drake, Bynes has now aimed her vitriol at the “We Can’t Stop” singer. Shortly after midnight last night, Bynes tweeted a brisk message to Liam Hemsworth’s fiancée: “Ur ugly @mileycyrus” And … [Read the full story]

Gays will never break into rap, says Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion – aka Snoop Dogg…has claimed that homosexuality may never be deemed “acceptable” in rap music. In July last year, singer Frank Ocean opened up about his sexuality and revealed that his first love had been a man. But asked whether Ocean’s public statement was a sign of progress in rap music, Snoop suggested … [Read the full story]

Miley Cyrus makes a boob of herself

Miley Cyrus wears daring outfits on occasion, and this one is pretty daring considering her tender years. The Disney star gave a glimpse of a bit more than she intended at the MTV EMAs in Madrid when she exposed most of her breast, as well as displaying a rather delicately placed tattoo. Even though she’s … [Read the full story]