Wino’s thought for the day

It’s not about love, it’s not about rejection, it’s about not being lonely. It’s about having that one person to go to when you feel like nothing makes sense. It’s about having someone to share those moments that call for a drink…maybe even a hangover. It’s about strolling down the streets holding the hand of … [Read the full story]

Stevie J injuried thumb answering his phone

Steve Johnson has had a set-back to his pre-season with a thumb injury. Greater Western Sydney player (GWS) will require surgery to fix, which will take place next weekend. Stevie J ruptured a tendon in his thumb and will be in a cast for six weeks after the operation. Do you know how he did … [Read the full story]

Pickpocket steals phone using chopsticks

The Artful Dodger has nothing on this cunning pickpocket who was caught stealing a woman’s mobile phone using a pair of chopsticks. Wang Hongbo, 32, was captured on camera lifting the phone from a woman’s pocket as she cycled unaware through Zhengzhou in China’s Henan province. He was snapped chasing the oblivious cyclist down a … [Read the full story]

Apple blames iOS 5 for battery bug

Apple has admitted that “a few bugs” in its latest mobile operating system iOS 5 are affecting the battery life of some of its devices. It said that it will release a fix in the next few weeks. The issue came to light over recent weeks with thousands complaining on Apple’s forums about poor battery … [Read the full story]

The new Nokia Lumia means ‘Prostitute’ in Spanish

 In the history of mobile phone names, some have been good, some have been bad and some have been downright ugly. But now Nokia has managed to top them all…by inadvertently calling one of its mobile ranges ‘the prostitute’. The new Nokia Lumia translates from Spanish as ‘hooker’ or ‘call girl’, prompting derision and mockery … [Read the full story]

‘Sexting’ is now part of our language

Sexting, retweeting and even the painfully revealing mankini swimsuit made famous by the movie character Borat all feature in a new edition of Britain’s most venerated dictionary, launched today. Gastric band and cyberbullying – use of electronic communication to bully a person – are among the other 400 new entries in the centenary edition of … [Read the full story]

A good reception needed for buyers

Mobile phone reception is the new ‘must have’ feature for 84% of house hunters. Over a third of people polled said they would not even consider buying or renting a property unless it could pick up a mobile signal. One in six would demand a reduction in the rent or asking price to compensate for … [Read the full story]