Terry O’Neill-life of a photographer to the stars

Terry O’Neill was fast asleep in his Mayfair flat when the phone rang in the early hours. He woke with a start and answered it, anxious not to wake his wife, actress Vera Day. He knew it would be Peter Sellers. ‘Why can’t I attract girls?’ moaned the actor, who often called at 2am to … [Read the full story]

Amber Rose is a bit cheeky as she promotes her reality show

Amber Rose was never one to shy away from the cameras. The model left little to the imagination as she flaunted her midriff and had an ample cleavage on display, along with her large rose tattoo on her right arm. The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West spent the day larking about on the Santa Monica sand … [Read the full story]

Peaches Geldof has found something that she likes

Peaches Geldof has been involved in her fourth shoplifting incident. Well, she is trying out different stuff. She’s tried TV presenting, magazine editing and modelling and it’s great that she’s finally found something that she’s good at. oh no…wait a moment…she’s ot that good at it, is she. Well at least it’s something that she … [Read the full story]

Ronaldo’s other half is also good up front

Soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo aka ‘Twinkletoes’, is often criticised for being smug. But when his girlfriend looks like this…who can blame him. She is Irina Shayk and is pictured here doing what she does best…modelling bikinis. Irina is modelling the Beach Bunny Swimwear Collection. Former Manchester United star Ronaldo started dating Irina last May when … [Read the full story]

Great Sportswomen – Candice Michelle

Here at Ozzie News we are starting a section of sportswomen of the world. Some folk don’t take sportswomen seriously, and to those of you who don’t…we hope to educate you and maybe you’ll change your minds. Candice Michelle was born September 30, 1978 and is an American model, actress, and professional wrestler best known … [Read the full story]