We could lose the moon

There are plenty of disaster films out there. We know what’s in store for us if asteroids threaten the planet, if tidal waves hit New York, or if a cruise ship suddenly flips over and/or is attacked by a kraken. Unfortunately, by focusing on these impossible disasters, films have neglected even more impossible disasters. What … [Read the full story]

Is Trump going to be like FDR?

We wake up to a new world. A world in which the media in both Television and Newspapers have been proved wrong. A world in which polls have become a laughing stock, in which only the neurotic can believe they have any significance. Political analysts and pundits who claim prior knowledge to everything from God … [Read the full story]

Melt proof choccy biccy’s – what a waste of money

Man has been on the moon, and made countless advances in medicine and now scientists have been issued a new challenge…the melt-proof choccie biscuit. Understanding what is happening to chocolate at a molecular levels is enabling overpaid scientists with fuck all else to do, to develop chocolate that does not melt in warm climates. This … [Read the full story]

Russia is to send an unmanned probe to the moon

Russia are planning to send an unmanned probe to the moon in 2015. The craft, called Luna-Glob, or Moon-Globe, will be carried by the first rocket to blast off from a new facility that Russia is building in its far eastern Amur region. It will consist of an orbital module and a probe that would … [Read the full story]

There was a young vampire called Mable…

There was a young vampire called Mable, Whose periods were always quite stable, At every full moon, She took out a spoon, And drank herself under the table.

Dave, you make it easy to take the piss out of you

Dave Grohl from the Poo Fighters has revealed that he wants to record the band’s next album in outer space. The frontman, who confirmed in December 2011 that they would be hitting the studio to work on a new album this year, told MTV that he had been struck by intergalactic inspiration when thinking about … [Read the full story]

Titanium found on the Moon

A new map of the Moon has revealed an abundance of titanium ore that is up to 10 times richer than on Earth, a finding that could one day lead to a lunar mining colony, astronomers say. The discovery was made thanks to a camera aboard the US Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which swept the surface of … [Read the full story]

I don’t believe the way politicians behave today

I have been resting lately gathering my strength  while persuing the news. All bad news lately, Tsunami, floods, fires and radiation leaks. Then of course there are the politicians…I read with interest about the Prime Minister of the UK telLing the police to investigate the disappearance of a young child in Portugal. The police told … [Read the full story]

Moon Crashes Into Sun Then Disappears

Horror in Oz this morning as astronomy call centres were swamped with calls relating that the the moon and the sun had actually collided within a minute of daybreak. There seems to be general agreement that the sun appears to have swallowed the moon up, most probably incinerating the multi billion ton space rock instantaneously. … [Read the full story]

Facts that foreigners need to know about Australia

Fun facts about Australia: Prince Leonard’s Land. If you thought Australia was an island nation, you would be incorrect. The Principality of Hutt River is Australia’s “second largest country” formed when Leonard Casley, appalled by new government quotas on wheat production, seceded from the Commonwealth in 1970. The principality has around 13,000 citizens and is … [Read the full story]