Is it Presidential Elect, Dallas or Neighbours

Reading the latest news about the Presidential Election reminds me of an episode of Dallas or even an episode of Neighbours. Only in  America can they elect a Trump and then spend hundreds of pages of news and TV coverage attacking the man they voted into office. It makes you proud to see democracy at work. … [Read the full story]

Porno film shown live on Swedish news

While watching a report on Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, a porn film played on a studio screen in the background. The incident took place during a broadcast on 24-hour Swedish news channel as the presenter was interviewing the station’s Moscow correspondent. As the journalists discussed Russia’s support for  the Syrian regime, a pornographic film began … [Read the full story]

Carrot crunching gorilla steals family supplies

A greedy gorilla at Moscow zoo may be overdoing it in the five-a-day stakes after being caught stuffing his face with seven carrots – all at once. This hungry primate stole his family’s entire supply of carrots before running away from the rest of his family and hiding in a corner to gorge himself on … [Read the full story]

Erotic dancing on planes…it could take off

A flight from Moscow to London was turned back when a drunken female passenger started performing erotic dances in front of shocked passengers. The 7am flight from Moscow’s main Domodedovo airport did an about-turn 15 minutes after take-off because of the 39-year-old woman’s antics. ”The woman was in a state of insobriety, inconveniencing the passengers, taking … [Read the full story]

Naomi Campbell is hotter than ever in Russian ad

Naomi Campbell is smoking hot in a new video advertising her billionaire boyfriend’s luxury apartment building in Moscow. The model is seen writhing on the bed, swimming in the pool, working out in the gym and getting ready for work in the 60 second advert on Russian TV. The 40 year old has been dating … [Read the full story]

Mum tries to stop daughters wedding

A mum in Moscow, Russia, tried to stop her daughter getting wed in Morocco, by telling airport bosses her girl was a suicide bomber.

Wolves on the road

Footage has been released showing hungry wolves devouring groceries from shoppers in a Moscow supermarket car park. There are an estimated 30,000 grey wolves in Russia although the country offers the species no legal protection. In fact in some parts of Russia, cash is offered as a reward for killing the animals and their dens.

Iran goes nuclear…should we be worried?

Iran’s first nuclear power plant has began loading with enriched uranium. Moscow is helping Tehran despite its stubborn defiance of international demand to halt uranium enrichment for fear the Islamic Republic is secretly building a nuclear bomb. Rosatom spokesman Sergei Novikov said that uranium fuel shipped by Russia has been loaded into the Bushehr reactor, … [Read the full story]