On this day…in 1895

On this day in 1895, the world’s first commercial movie screening takes place at the Grand Cafe in Paris. The film was made by Louis and Auguste Lumiere, two French brothers who developed a camera-projector called the Cinematographe. The Lumiere brothers unveiled their invention to the public in March 1895 with a brief film showing … [Read the full story]

Why moan, Meryl – you have nothing to moan about

If you were honoured by your peers with an award for years in the movie industry, you would probably be thankful for the recognition your talent deserves. Imagine how damaging your acceptance speech is when it denigrates into a political diatribe. Attacking the President of your country and the millions of Americans who voted for … [Read the full story]

Is Doctor Strange too boring for a movie?

Doctor Strange was created by concept-character artist, Steve Ditko and first appeared in a comic titled, ‘Strange Tales’ in July 1963. Doctor Stephen Strange was a fantastic, but cocky, surgeon. He damaged his hands in a car accident and could no longer perform surgery. He only ever wanted to be a surgeon. Because of this … [Read the full story]

Hunt & Lauda F1 movie set for OZ premiere

Rush, a feature film based on the battle for the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, will enjoy its official Australian premiere in Melbourne this Sunday. Directed by American Ron Howard, the movie features Australian Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and German Daniel Bruhl as Lauda. Bruhl will be on hand … [Read the full story]

Marisa Miller on her film debut in R.I.P.D

Get ready to see Marisa Miller’s big-time acting debut! The beautiful Victoria’s Secret angel is taking her talents from the catwalk to the big screen with her upcoming film R.I.P.D, which costars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds and hits theaters this Friday. “It’s so exciting, and for my first film to be a part of … [Read the full story]

Penelope Cruz enjoys a romp in her new movie

In her new movie Twice Born, Penelope Cruz deals with the heartbreaking story of a woman who relies on a surrogate after discovering she can’t have children. In the international trailer for the film, Penelope is seen attempting to get her baby son to breastfeed, despite her not having given birth to the child. The … [Read the full story]

Is Heineken interactive ad as good as their beer?

Sponsored by Heineken This is not your normal beer advert…actually, it’s not your normal advert period. Is the new Skyfall interactive advert as good as Heineken’s beer? Vidéo virale par ebuzzing Usually, I would steer clear of any interactive internet based application. I see kids and adults with their heads tilted downwards towards their iPhone, … [Read the full story]

Masked gunman shoots filmgoers at Batman movie

A masked gunman broke into a Denver cinema and shot dead at least 12 people and wounded 38 others, including children, during a late-night screening of the new Batman movie. James Holmes, 24, entered the mall in Aurora, Colorado dressed in black and wearing a gas mask and bullet-proof vest and set off a smoke … [Read the full story]

The film John Carter is terribly shit

John Carter is a terrible film with an incomprehensible story, ludicrous, mutton-headed characters and unspeakable dialogue, and already Disney have announced that it is likely to lose $250 million on it, so abject have been the first box office takings. From what I saw in my West London local, that figure may be an under-estimation, with … [Read the full story]

Scarlett Johansson to play in new Psycho movie

Scarlett Johansson has signed up to play Janet Leigh in a new film about horror classic Psycho. The actress will appear in director Sacha Gervasi’s Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho. James D’Arcy will star opposite as actor Anthony Perkins. Based on Stephen Rebello’s non-fiction account of the story, the film charts Hitchcock’s struggle … [Read the full story]

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