Listening to new music is good for the brain

A new study has discovered that listening to new music is good for the brain. A team of Canadian scientists have used MRI scans to establish that areas of the reward centre of the brain become active when people hear a new song for the first time. A report published in the Science journal explains … [Read the full story]

Should Prostrate cancer be operated immediately?

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is shocking and most often quite unexpected…the thought of a tumour growing inside you is sickening. Almost immediately, men face a decision about treatment – and the first impulse is, for many, to want it cut out. As an oncologist with more than 15 years specialising in the condition, you … [Read the full story]

Chase Stanley will miss the entire season

Melbourne Storm have been dealt a huge blow with centre Chase Stanley requiring a full knee reconstruction and will miss the entire season. Stanley had an MRI on his knee yesterday because of soreness after his starring role in the club’s season opener. The results showed a ruptured anterior-cruciate ligament requiring surgery and nine months … [Read the full story]