Robbie Williams ‘Swings Both Ways’

Robbie Williams is back, releasing his new album – ‘Swings Both Ways’ on November 15. Something very different from Robbie, moving away from the pop music we are used to from him. “First of all, I wanted to do a Swing album because I wanted to do a Swing album. I always knew I’d do … [Read the full story]

Jack Johnson to tour Australia

Shoe-hating singer-songwriter-surfer Jack Johnson is beginning a world tour this month with shows in Europe and the USA before he heads to Australia in December. The tour’s in support of his next album, From Here To Now To You, which will be released on Friday September 13 on his own Brushfire Records label. For this, … [Read the full story]

Daft Punk are headed to Wee Waa

On May 17, the French DJs will hold their “global album launch party” in a town best known as the Cotton Capital of Australia. Mayor Conrad Bolton revealed that when he was first approached by Sony Music about the event, he thought they were “pulling his leg.”  However, after a visit from the record label … [Read the full story]

Amy Winehouse left a lot of unreleased songs

Amy Winehouse left a trove of unreleased music, but no decision has been made about whether it will be released, people close to the singer say. The soul diva, who had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, was found dead of unknown causes at her London home on Saturday. She was 27.  Spokesman Chris Goodman … [Read the full story]

New Radiohead album, ‘The King Of Limbs’ is released

The middle-class band made an unexpected announcement that their new album will be released almost immediately. Thom Yorke and the band have named the collection The King Of Limbs. It will be available to download from their website this weekend, with a physical release to follow on May 9. The full release of the record … [Read the full story]

Graham Coxon exitedly Tweets about new Blur stuff

Blur began work on their comeback yesterday. And the band’s guitarist Graham Coxon was so excited to be back in the studio, he clumsily blurted out the secret details on Twitter. The offending tweet was quickly removed and replaced with the one below, but not before it had been seen by thousands of fans. He … [Read the full story]